flip reversal roles your the one sitting at home and your child/baby works..read

United States
February 1, 2008 10:12am CST
Just thinking if their where cars for babys they would run on batteries. If baby needed to stop you would start a sound like a rattle.Then chase them to make them go right? Caution would be a picture of an animated mommie and daddy waving finger..ah ah ahh right..Now for other things..signs would have baby bottles on them only allowed in some sections of town not everywhere. Passifiers would be made of their favorite candy and they would run around like chickens..Ya know like drunk adults in gased up cars on the 4th of july..diaper would be changed like clockwork.. clean me instead of fill me up please mommie or daddy..Ok just thought this was interesting add in your own bit if ya like!!
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