I hate iTunes sooooo much!! Am I the only one?

@Fish16 (37)
February 1, 2008 5:36pm CST
iTunes annoys me soooo much, my librarys always messings up songs getting lost, and then sometime I've got 900 odd songs an then it'll randomly say I have like 28 songs an it doesnt return to normal until I close an open it again, and I'm not stuck on a playlist rofl..I used to use WinAmp and RealPlayer. And I hate manually adding every song after you've imported a folder. Surely for such a commonly used program they could make some useful updates?!?
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@VampAmber (308)
• United States
2 Feb 08
Mine loves to mess up with my iPod. While I'm filling it, it'll say that it can't find a specific file. Mind you, it's never an actual messed up file; it's always a random song that just so happens to "not work" for that half a second. It's better than Windows Media Player, though, because it never randomly erases the name of the CD, which mine loved to do.