Common disturbing problem - call it big stomach, big tummy, bloated stomach.....

February 2, 2008 9:10am CST
Go to a busy business or shopping centre and just watch the crowd. A very high percentage, specially the men, will show-off their protruding stomachs. Some may appear to be proud of their pouch. All kinds of shapes and sizes can be seen. Some walk as though it is too heavy for them, some may appear to be falling as they walk, others walk with ease and some pulling their pants up while they walk as though it may drop off any time. Yet people accept it as a norm. Talk to many of them and they will say that they have been trying all sorts of exercises, tummy trim herbal teas etc. but none seem to solve this ugly problem. The bulging tummy is the most difficult problem to solve for a man. Women somehow or rather have a way of getting rid of this bulge more easily. Probably their biological build-up is different. I have been trying many antidotes to bring it down. Mine is not so bad but still nothing works. I have even tried probiotics and all kinds of cleansers to clean the digestive system but I still spot a bulge. Is this a norm for men? Out of 10 men, at least 9 will have a bulge. Once inherited, it is for keeps. I am sure there are people out there who have managed to get rid of this ugly bulge. Are there anyone who can suggest a positive solution for this. It may benefit many I'm sure.
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@Archie_14 (147)
• India
2 Feb 08
you have raised a nice point , evryone should be aware of their physice , those extra pounds , look horrible , some people are so shameless ! Their is only 2 ways to reduce their pouches , that is exercise and dieting , taking in the right diet , not a grain more or less , that will make you physically and mentally well !
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