being referred to clicking ads and emails is fast earning

February 2, 2008 12:57pm CST
i always enjoy making more money on the internet. i mean why not if it works why not try it out. i joined and i like it so far then i heard of dailyclicks and then other versions like bux3 or bux bux bux here and there. then i start to wonder if these are sites are really what they say they do. i'm just wondering if anyone ever actually received payment from them. any proof or so because if i'm going to use it i hope i can get paid and cash out. good thing though is i have good belief that mylot does pay out even the one who referred me has been paid so i don't have doubts about that. so for those who also use clicking sites have you gotten paid from them? because one thing to say how good a site is to earn but much better if one has proof they actually have gotten paid just for clicking ads or emails after a 30 second countdown.
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• Bangladesh
2 Feb 08
i think this is very slow way to make money form internet.u can join and get any easy job to do.and u will surely get paid by buyer.
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• India
3 Feb 08
hi pia, well i am doing online stuff at this company gives links to other companies which can pay u the membership feee for reality-networkers. reality-networkers has a very good team support mann. its working. u too can try this out. My referral id is-
• United States
2 Feb 08
These sites do add up. I have been paid via several sites the last month and will do so again next month. Keep adding referrals and you will join the ranks. For more ideas check out my profile page and go to my website and from there go to my blog (number 3 on the right hand column) My blog lists some great ways to increase referral's and also some great sites that really add up fast. If anyone else is interested please do the same. Please note: if you sign up under me let me know and if you are on a site I am not on I will sign up under you. Good luck and keep earning money! :)