Wndows x Linux

@zorzon (71)
February 2, 2008 2:09pm CST
I have the two Operating systems installed on my computer, and use to switch between them just for fun. I think that Windows is much more vulnerable them Linux, that's why I like most to use the second when it comes to surfing the web. I think Linux's principal disavantage is its lack of hardware and software suport: no scanner, no webcamera, no softmodem...No Photoshop and so on. In an overall apraise, I find Linux to be easier to install and use, and harder to find technical support and/or installing specific softwares. How abou you? With which one of them are you hanging and what do you make of them both?
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@BooZzZ (139)
• Netherlands
3 Feb 08
Linxus is kinda overrated, people think they are cool when they aren't using Windows. However, I agree with you that the security on Windows should be better. That being said, Windows (Vista / XP) can do lot's of stuff that Linux simply can't do (But Linxus users aren't that bad as Mac users, I mean it's ok that you have a Mac.. just don't keep spamming it everywhere!)
@zorzon (71)
• Brazil
3 Feb 08
I have never seem a Mac in my whole life. I don't know how do they look. Are Mac computers really so nice as some say? By the time, I'll keep on using my PC and being happy with that.
• Portugal
19 Feb 08
i think... linux is better...
@ftnation (21)
3 Feb 08
I really like linux, its great and much better than windows.