how to be more happy

United States
February 2, 2008 7:23pm CST
i am happy and should be happy. i'm happily married, have a daughter, going to school, have food and shelter, but something is missing. i have gotten some friends but they are guys, is that wrong? i'm happy with them too!
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@martgin (55)
• Philippines
7 Feb 08
Be contended in your life..... the must key for you is to be CONTENDED. A having family and more blessing that you have be thankful to Our LOrd (Papa JESUS). Always thinking and figure out that so many poor person or people dreamin the portion of your life as have it that you mentioned. So can you be my friend?
• Philippines
3 Feb 08
no ma'am. it's never wrong for a mother to have guy friends. sames as men to have female friends. there's nothing really wrong about it. unless of course you there is romantic feeling involve. because if you say you are happily married and still have this feeling towards others -- then i'm guessing you must not really be happily married.
@sminut13 (1786)
• Singapore
3 Feb 08
it's not wrong to have guys as friends. i too have guys as friends and i'm also married. but if your husband is the jealous type, you should let him know beforehand. if not, there can be misunderstandings. so don't worry. as for something being missing, maybe you want some excitement? you might be getting bored from staying at home. for me, i'm not sure what i'm missing. i definitely would have liked to work and earn some of my own money be it working at home. i'm a stay at home mom. only recently i've been looking for opportunites online. unfortunately not much since i'm not that skilled. best of luck to you
@zenmachado (1619)
• United States
3 Feb 08
To be happy, you have to eat a lot of sugar and drink much java!!!