Money vrs Life

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February 3, 2008 12:58am CST
Why when it comes to a natuarl disaster or life threatening moment money has to come into the middle. I was listening to a program about the Katrina Huricane and a lot of the mass deaths in some of the town was because the council or Emercency co-ordinators could not decide wether to call a manditory evacuation...reason if they call it profits willl be lost with businesses and banks closing down. However, becasue of that mistake many people did not get the warning and people drowned. So why is money more important than life? Has the world gotten so bad that life mean that little? Just look at the insurance in the US companies, they rather make a fast buck then help the sick. I look at the health care system in the US and shake my head, how people can survive down there.
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