the rural and the urban.

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February 3, 2008 3:20am CST
The rural folks may not be savvy with the cell phones and computers, but college youths from the country side in India are physically fitter than their city counterparts. And it must be assumed that this may be true for the other nations also. An extensive survey study made by an Indian university covering 32000 students in 114 colleges has revealed that students from rural ares living in the pristine countryside, on healthy home grown food have over 50 percent less health problems like obesity, blurred vision, dental decay and high blood pressure than cthe city bred college goers. anemia caused by iron deficiency is the only problem plaguing village girls. If the urban youth is struggling with obesity, flab is hardly a bother with the rural. Village youths say they owe it all the pure, unpolluted air they breathe and the natural healthy food they eat. the subjects also revealed that they usually use the neem sticks to brush their teeth. They do not eat the junk food. The rural students commented during the study that their friends from urban areas are not physicaly very strong and get tired easily. The study concluded that village boys and girls are brought up on a healthy diet of pure milk and unadulterated pulses and grains since childhood, which contributes to their good health. In cities, most youngsters' start eating junk food at a very early childhood age, spoiling their health, stress is more in urban areas, a simple stress like catching a bus or train, may lead in long term health problems. what do you say sir? if you have enjoyed my writings here, you may probably like it here also.
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@sminut13 (1786)
• Singapore
4 Feb 08
in a way, i feel it might be true. take my home country nepal for example. children living high in the mountains and hills have so much more stamina than the children in cities. in fact, i am one example. i've been living in the city my whole life you could say. i see some village girls who get married and come here. when i go shopping, even for few things, i take the trolley. but they can carry it in their hands. and they're not even sweating a bit. but i notice that once they come to the city and get used to the easier life here, then they tend to slack and a few years later, they also bring the trolley when they go out for shopping. village children are definitey stronger and healthier. they have a stronger immune system i feel due to living in worse conditions than the city and thus are used to it.
@MITica (106)
• Romania
3 Feb 08
I agree the most of what you are saying. This thing is happening because younth from villages eate a little healthier than urban younth. Younth from city are eating everything and uncontrolled, and here i don'nt reffer to good food. I'm reffering to junk food. country side younth are eating what they have with all familly. They eat at a certain hour of day and this make them stronger. Equilibrum betwin meal.
• United States
3 Feb 08
This is very interesting to know. One thing is for sure where we live is not like the villagers that explained, but here is a very big problem for those that live in an area of obese people that do eat what is called junk food. Pollution on the other hand has become a bigger issues in northern california especially in the Los Angeles Area. Word has it that the main state up in Mississippi has the biggest issue of people living there of being obese. You can say many places like this is like a urban area or what not. Can you imagine if it weren't like this and much like the villagers you mentioned in your topic? Probably would have made a better and fit place to tell you the truth. Thanks for this discussion and they are always interesting to learn. I encourage you to post more in the near future.