how was your first love???????

@Hrishi86 (676)
February 3, 2008 5:55am CST
Hey friends!!!!!! how is/was your first love and how did/do you feel to get that? It's too complecated to show your feeling in a line but if you can so please share me........
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• United States
14 Feb 08
my first love was a g/f when i was in college and she started out as a waittress in a restaurant..and then she became a nurse in a hospital..but i broke up with her when i went into the USAF mitary ..and lost bad..but later i knew that i took her for granted as i had a lot of bad luck with the women in my life..blonds red heads..etc and it took me until i was 40 to find again a true love that was very mature..and cute..but more important stable
• Philippines
5 Feb 08
my first love? well, nothing happened.. we didnt became "us".. he doesnt love me the way i love him.. but i dont have any regrets.. my second love is much more better than my first..
@elfkitty (30)
• China
3 Feb 08
oh it's my value memory.I felt happy the days i share with him.But i abandoned him years that time, i think i must be crazy.
@myRose57 (153)
• Philippines
3 Feb 08
My First Love is my true love . He was not my first boyfriend but I knew it was love because I have a special feeling each time we are together. I don't deny that I still do ... lol
@nyumix (1659)
• Belgium
3 Feb 08
Well, to be quite honest I don't remember anymore who was my first love. Since it was long time ago when I was 13 or 14 years old. Only can remember the true love which I have and now I share with my husband. :)