RuneScape 99 Fishing Guide!

United States
February 3, 2008 8:21am CST
Quick guide that is needed: If you aren't a member in RS then get a Paypal:, Then get a Mylot:, and post on here till you get enough cash to get membership! This guide is to show you how a little work ethic can go a long way. Levels 1-5:Shrimp, 39 of em. I recommend Al Karid fishing spot, since there's a close bank. Levels 6-25: 39 Sardines to level 10, then 223 Herring to level 25. Bait fish with a rod and some bait. I recommend; that is if you dont care about making cash, fish in Lumbridge then sell to general store. Levels 25-55:Fly Fishing is a must here, to reach 30 you will need 111 trout. Then you should be safe 3k feathers. Fish in Lumby, or barbarian village. But Lumby is faster. Levels 56-90:If you want levels and you want them fast and cheap, then you will need to fish lobsters. 57,553 of em. So head on down to catherby and fish. Then At level 68, you become a member of the fishing guild!!!! Fish there untill level 90. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO FISH SHARKS AT LEVEL 76, THEY ARE EXTREMELY SLOW! OMG ALMOST THERE!! Levels 90-99:By this time you are exuasted and extremely bored of the fishing guild, hopefully you met some others going for this goal with you in that place. Well I have good news, you only need to fish 69,892 sharks. If you Succeeded in this task, Congratulations, go sell some in the GE and maybe cook some for 99. Now go buy a pretty hat or something and get out of my face.
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