How many out there shop for their favorite brands on ebay to to save money?

my son on his birthday - I shop on Ebay to save money. With the money I save, I buy stuff for my family.
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February 3, 2008 2:20pm CST
I love to shop on Ebay to save money. I always buy my perfume on Ebay as I usually save up to 50%. I have also bought make up at a huge savings. Bare Minerals, Estee Lauder...etc...
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22 Feb 08
If there is something that I want that I am willing to put the time into to research, I usually end up at ebay at one point or another. There are some really good deals sometimes but the one thing I've found that you have to watch out for is when the shipping cost more than the product. That kind of defeats the purpose for me. Why spend more on shipping when I can put that extra 5 bucks and just go get it now and not have to wait on it.
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22 Feb 08
You are correct, you do have to watch the shipping charges. However, I still have been able to find some great deals.
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3 Feb 08
I buy all the name brand stuff like perfume and make up on ebay. It is the cheapest place to get that kind of stuff.
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11 Apr 08
I do the same and save quite a bit of money. I have also had some good luck with getting very nice maternity clothing inexpensively. Shoes are a good way to go too.
4 Feb 08
I've never been one to really care what brand my clothes are, but I do almost all of my clothes shopping on eBay now. And in charity shops. Mainly because I save so much money, but also because I like to feel different. I know that if I shop in the major shops in town, the chances of seeing someone else in the same clothes as me is very high, and that always makes me embarrased. I love using eBay to build up my own style.