Using social media sites to drive traffic?

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February 4, 2008 2:02am CST
So you think you have finally found your 'niche". You have created an awesome website, SEOed the heck out of it, hit all of the relevant directories, article marketed yourself to death, and decided that you want to try your hand at driving even more traffic with honest participation in social media and bookmarking sites. Now you find yourself on one of the sites with only one discussion on your mind, "how the heck does someone do this?". Your answers please.
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29 Apr 08
Timothy, the best way to do this is to delve into discussions & groups that are directly (or closely related) to your niche. Provide helpful guidance and Insider information and then you could very well position yourself as the 'Expert' in your niche. Social Marketing is all about relationship marketing. People sharing and passing along interesting information with others in their network. It is extremely viral in nature. What you want to do is gain so much respect in your area of expertise - that you ultimately become the "goto guy" for anyone needing guidance & information in your niche. Own you Niche!
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4 Feb 08
By posting in forums, and on social networks directing people back to their site. But beware...if you directly post your link on many sites, you can be banned or get your posting deleted. Its better to send them to your profile page and have them check your site out from there. The more you post, the more referral's, or business you drive to your site. If you post frequently in a site and notice little traffic, try a different site, or discussion, or line of conversation. With time and practice you will recognize where you are getting the most site visits from and you can refine your posting with that in mine. There are also some great link referral sites out there too. For more information see my profile page, check out my website and scroll to the bottom left of the page and check out those banners too. Keep up the great work and in no time at all you will have a thriving business. Good luck! :)