Poetry by ZeN - "Endless Thinking brings Endless Pain"

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February 4, 2008 8:44am CST
"Endless Thinking brings Endless Pain" Shackled by Maniacal Nerves My Stomach is Rapidly Disturbed The Anxiety is Building This Feeling is Breaking Me A Chaotic Neurotic Breakdown As I Pace Hurriedly Around The Anxiety is Peeking This Feeling is Crumbling Me Manic Compulsion In My Brain Yielding to All That is Insane The Anxiety is Daunting The Ultimate Mental Strain A Superlative Massive Force Pushing to A Corroded Course The Anxiety is Expanding Seeping Out of My Pores - ZeN
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5 Feb 08
Zen, this one should be set to music. It would make a great Punk rock song.I like it.
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11 Feb 08
Sounds like a pleasant idea.. :) ....
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