Do you still believe in TNICC?

@poohgal (6847)
February 4, 2008 1:09pm CST
I am sure many of you will agree that TNICC used to be the best PTC on the internet. It used to have many ads a day (up to 40) and each ad ranges from 1 to 4 cents. We can easily made 40cents then. The best part was TNICC paid us. After many changes, TNICC has finally returned to its old form. It's now again a Free to join site. - It has more than 50ads a day now. (1 to 2 cents click) - It has a higher minimum payout of $25 (used to be $15) - $10 will be used for upgrade and $15 will be paid through AlertPay - Each upgrade unit expires in 15 days (used to be 1 year) - You get 8% daily on your upgrades for 15 days To be frank, I am very excited about TNICC. I personally believe that it's a paying site. How about you? Do you still believe in TNICC?
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