New pet rats... still sneezing?

United States
February 4, 2008 5:41pm CST
My boyfriend and I bought a pair of the cutest pet rats last week, their names are Pinky and George. Before we purchased them, we read up on rats online for about a week, made sure we had a checklist of everything we needed, and pretty much got as prepared as possible. When my boyfriend went to pick up the rats, the salesperson told my boyfriend that it is common for rats to sneeze after being moved to a new area, that they would need a few days to get accustomed to the area. After about 4 days, we inquired on a message board that they were still sneezing, and we were instructed to try new bedding. It is now 2 days later, and although it isn't as frequent, they are still sneezing. We know that rats can be prone to respiratory infections, but at this time we are at a loss. I know it may be a stretch, but I was just looking for any advice. Do we just need to wait longer? Maybe try another new bedding? Bring them in to the doctor? And help would be greatly appreciated, and i'm sure Pinky and George will love you for it!
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@angeljenn (894)
• Zaragoza, Spain
20 Mar 08
hello there to U...well, i bet Pinky and George are really cute...we have 3 white cute rats at home too... About your two cute rats case, you really need to take them to the Veterinarian...for checkups... They really need to be taken to the Vets hospital in order to know if they are sick and not feeling good...because as you've said they're sneezing... They really need medical much as possible, it's a good advice to take them to the Vet in your place... I hope and pray, things will get better with Pinky and George...and they will feel better and get well... This is really a cute and cool discussion...have a blessed day ahead of U...may GOD BLESS U & UR family always!!!
@jsmith12 (438)
• Canada
5 Feb 08
Are they eating fine and active? If not, I would take them to a vet. Also check for a runny nose, it may be they have a cold if you have their cage in a drafty area.
• United States
5 Feb 08
I'm curious to what kind of bedding you are using. If you are using a Pine or Cedar bedding, you need to switch to something different and quickly. Pine and Cedar bedding is dangerous for small pets as it can really go after their respaitory systems and make them rather sick rather quickly. Switch to aspen bedding or a type of 'paper' bedding. You'll see it in stores, it looks like construction paper.