Are you more mature and better adjusted than your parents ?

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February 4, 2008 8:52pm CST
I am older now, but I have looked back over my life and this topic is relative to me. I was raised by an aunt and uncle from 6 months of age. My aunt quit school in 6th grade and my uncle made it through the 4th grade. My uncle is gone now, but my aunt is 101. That is a long time. I love them and respect them now, but my was it difficult growing up. They did not want me to do much of anything, dances, skating, swimming, hangin out....all my friends were the "wrong" people...I will get in trouble..etc.. I remember how frustrating that was. I would approach them and try to negotiate, but, that did'nt work. I pretty much had to sneak out to get out. To be young again......
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9 Feb 08
You know, I was raised the same way. I was raised with my own parents, but I couldn't do anything either. I could let it bother me, but I try hard not too. My parents probably thought they were doing me good. I turned out to be a good person at least, even though I feel cheated of my child hood and teenage years. I now have my own life, and can do what I want, but I think sometimes I have no real friends, because I was never allowed to have friends back in the day. I Love my parents, and in a strange way I don't blame them. I hope that someday you will be able to let things go, as I have for the most part. Just listen to me, I guess I haven't totally let it go either. :o)