how many of u hav gone fr midnight drives?

@anandjd (411)
February 5, 2008 12:31pm CST
the feelin is splendid... with the window down... the cool breeze rushing in.. whistilin thru our hair... juz two bright spots ahead... and god.. the empty roads... its so tempting! the whole road at our total disposal! woo hoooo... anyone experienced this euphoria?
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@brothertuck (1257)
• United States
6 Feb 08
When I used to work 2nd shift I used to enjoy just getting on the road and driving Sometimes I ended up stopping somewhere, and all night diner or a 24 hour convenience store. Sometimes I ended up at the convenience store 2 blocks from home Sometimes I just ended up at home after a nice drive The freedom and the rush of just driving is great It was a great way to unwind especially after a rough day at work
@anandjd (411)
• India
6 Feb 08
oh ok... thts cool. yeah.. absolutely the best way to unwind after a stress filled day... hope u keep goin fr these midnite drives!!