Ihave to do some change in my way of living

February 5, 2008 1:31pm CST
I´m 37 years old and Iam always looking forward to write a book about dreams I been having something like this: I was in a porch of a house I was standing in the edge of it than I hear a very strong sound I look up the sky and there was a gigantic black cloud and it was coming to me very fast and I look very carefully and I seen this creatures their faces were covered with two wings but other two wings were strong they did´t fly like the birds do but they moved an arm from the shoulder to the wing and the other wing was down, very strong moves I could hear the wings so clear their were too many to count and see. because they form a long line suddenly they stopped with their wings made a passage and I was seen people wearing white robes the amaizing part was that there was my older sister Bonnie she died eigth years ago, and my sister in law America she died two years ago and her daugther Almita too she also dead. If you like to know the ending of this dream keep on line and God bless you.
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