How to work a home business without being an A1 salesperson

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February 6, 2008 6:08am CST
To find a home business that works for you is not hard.. 1.Decide how many hours will you work? 2.Find a company that has been around at least 20 years. Google the company..Check for BBB complaints..Check their return polices..Do they back their products? Check their compensation will you get paid and how much? Stay away from the new..too much 3.Be sure you join a good mentoring team..and make sure they specialize in the company you are interested in.. 4.Ask how long the person has been the biz and how their biz is going..Ask how they got into the business.. 5. Remember it's not the product(has to be a quality product) or the biz as much as it is the training and support you will get from your upline.. .................................................. I so often hear people tell me that they know my biz is a great company but they can not sell.I call my leads,tell my own story with this company..some sign on and some don' me it's not like's like speaking to new friends..And I always feel like I am offering them something wonderful..not selling them a package or whatever.. .Well ofcourse a good salesperson can keep signing people but that will not build their biz with Shaklee. The people that make it are people that will help their downline make it..Not to say do it for them.. ......................................................... I help my downline build there business..I am always here to answer question and give ideas for building but I do concentate my efferts on those that show they are doing what they can to build their biz.. They make a commitment to this biz by becoming a Gold Ambassador(which included Global) setting their autoship..using the products...Doing the things I tell them to advertize(most are free ways) consistant...and the biggy is do what they say they will do and follow through... I will still help the customer,member,and plain distributor..these people many times can also become great business leaders..because they become GAs. ............................................. When someone new enters my business in one of four ways 1.customer..buys products 2.member..pays $19.95 for membership and recieve 15% off products 3.distributor..$39.95 you recieve an independant sales kit and a % of sales of products 4.Join as a Gold Ambassador..Cost $299 you get $299 Mission PAK (Product Action Kit) Up to 139 PV - Nearly $500 Retail Value 15% product discount (on SRP) New Distributor Welcome Kit ($39.95 value) Free product with next order of 100 PV (up to $69.95 value) Global Ambassador status Three(right now 6 months) Months of Personal Web Site (PWS) (nearly $60 value) Product Action Kit (PAK) of your choice: ($230 value SRP) Gold Premier Collection Cinchâ„¢ Collection Healthy Home. Healthy You. Healthy Planet Collection Nutrition Therapy Skin Care Collection (Two choices - Normal to Oily/Normal to Dry) Kosher Gold Premier Product Kit and you get bonuses when others join you ................................. Like most home biz mlms the system depends on each of us using the products I have my autoship set for over 100 product volumn each month..this helps my upline and it has made me healthier and feeling better then I have in years..I'm not going to promote anything that I do not use and totally believe in.. I am a member of a very smart mentoring team that has designed websites and training with conf calls..This team does alot for us..I don't have to sell..they do it..I just use the products..and that's the sneaky part of Shaklee..they make these products that I can't seem to shut up about! lol I will be starting a discussion about ways to get leads for free.. I hope this helps you with your biz.. xoxoxoxoxo
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6 Feb 08
You rewally got this right raydene! What you are describing is the only way to make in mlm! Good job! I intended to give a longer response but my husband just told me we have to go so I'll come back to this later. Great!!
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@raydene (9874)
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6 Feb 08
Lifelight..what a wonderful name... I hope to get to know you better..I'm here and always ready to help..noy only business..