Where's My Analog going ?

@agfarm (930)
United States
February 6, 2008 3:00pm CST
Ok....so here's the Scoop. I was dying to Know ...what is actually happening to Analog ? And why do we have to either go digital ( Television ) or Buy a converter ? I actually found out , and it Fires me up. If you google the words Analog Auction you'll get the Picture ( the whole Picture ) The Telecom Giants are working on a plan to take the Analog frequency which runs everything from your Cordless hand set ( telephone ) to other quirky house hold devices. And the Objective is to Create a whole new wave of Business ( in the next 10 years ) for Total wireless Internet . There was a whole Big stink about this Auction , which took place two , or three weeks ago. Anyhow , we have to " give -up " analog , so that the Telephone Giants can Make new profits ( Sound Familiar ? ) What are your thoughts on this ?
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