Have you adopted???

New Zealand
February 6, 2008 10:44pm CST
Hi friends I was just thinking if anyone of you have adopted children.I read nowadays that a lot of celebrities are into adoption.'I was really happy to see Angelina,Maddonna,Sheryl all adopting babies. I really believe thats the most noblest thing to do on earth.To give love and oritection to a child is great. Alls well but on further reading i realised that maybe i was wrong in thinking that these kids will have a great life.I mean financially they wont have any needs but what about the emotional part.They may lack there.Their parents are such hi profile people how can they find time for them to be with. And spending quality time with your kids is the most important thing to do. They (the stars)shift to make their base where ever they are shooting. How uprooted the child would be.With both parents working they will still be with a nanny. There are two sides of it. One they will be potected from adversity but they may have usettled lives.That reaaly is very harmful. I wonder what can one do in this.Is there any way out.Should celebritiers be bvanbned from adopting though thats quite a crazy idea.What would you suggest,How do you look into this whole issue. Thanks.All replies are appreciated.TA
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• India
7 Feb 08
I have not adopted a baby. but i know of a man who has adopted a child and they are very happy.