New Scam I Received In The Mail Today

United States
February 6, 2008 11:34pm CST
Today, I received a letter from Greenfield Financial out of Calgary, AB. It says: H. F. address city, st zip Ref# NPF 9964XXXXXX DATE Jan 29, 2008 We are please to inform you through this letter that our network shows you as the lucky winner of the unclaimed prize money in the amount of Fifty Seven Thousand Dollars -- ($57,000.00) in United State funds. The system indicared that, your name was randomly selected through a computerized ballot system as a winner for the 2007 Sweepstakes - draws. Congratulations!!. All Participants were selected through a computerized ballot system drawn from Readers Digest, Publishers Clearing House, Online Sweepstakes, Internet Games etc Enclosed, is a check for ($3987.85).which covers both the administrative payment and clearance fees of your winnings. For authorizing and activation of your check, please contact your agent Lucinda Duff. at TEL:1-905 920 1041 Your winnings must be claimed not later than Feeb 18, 2008. Your name is attached to claim number us?CA-09/02-099WD. We advice you keep your claim number confidentially secured until your claim is processed and funds remitter as this is part of our security protocol. Please remember to quote your number in all correspondence with us in order to avoid unnecessary delays. Congratulations again from our staff and sponsors. (signed) David Stewart PRIZE C0-ORDINATOR Anyways, I did a search on the internet and found two more scams that are nearly WORD-FOR-WORD the same as what I received. I had a feeling it was a scam...but wasn't about to call Canada to least not from my home phone. I have heard of scams that they can get access to your phone line and charge up all sorts of high costs. We were thinking we would dig out a calling card and call from a payphone. But now that I discovered this is a scam, I won't even waste my time. I thought I would pass this info along for everyone else. Have a GREAT Night!
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@piebilde (20)
7 Feb 08
It's scary how many different scams are out there, but it is always nice to see people like you who warn others of potential danger - not everyone knows a scam when they see one.
• United Arab Emirates
7 Feb 08
Hi, I too received a mail from NOKIA regarding the winning notice similar to a mail from LOTTERY winnings. I wonder who has time to do this and what is the intention behind it. If someone know about it and why it happens, do share it here. It is really become a regular thing getting scam mail as such from different places and names.
@chrislotz (8200)
• Canada
7 Feb 08
First of all, I live in Canada and I used tolive in Calgary, up until a year ago. The phone number they gave you is not an area code number for Calgary. Second I never heard of Greenfield Financial. Thirdly, there are no zip codes in Canada, we have postal codes. So I would say it's a good thing you didn't phone them. They probably have some tracking device on their phone. I have been sent all kinds of weird emails just like yours, only mine usually seem to come from Africa or the UK. I used to be naive enough to think these emails were for real. I followed up on one till they asked me for my bank account number and my driver's license and my social insurance number. Then I knew something was wrong. I pretty much told them where to go, if you know what I mean, and it took weeks before they left me alone. I finally had to threaten them that I was calling the police, before they left me alone. I now have learned when I get these kinds of emails, to just not respond to them and just delete them.