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February 7, 2008 6:27am CST
I am disapointed in My Duke Blue Devils. They had it in their grasp and they would have won......But I think they are starting to get cocky. Usually Duke and Carolina are the best ACC teams. Always SO I think Duke thinks since they are just that good they can slack up a bit. THen when they saw they were wining a lil bit. They Got happy and was like lets play around. I wish they would stop doin that. I think if Duke played its very hardest start to end They wouldnt lose a game. Because Tyler Hansborough is an exceptional player so is Carolinas new rookie But Duke HAD THEM and then let up on them. WE were like ahhhh its only a couple points. THey cant possibly win. THEN THEY WON. I hvae to congragulate All you Carolina Fans They did a good job last night. Anf if you didnt see carolina beat duke 79-73 I think that was the score
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10 Feb 08
*is confused* Duke beat Carolina this week....this says it was posted 4 days ago so you must be referring to that game...so what do you mean Carolina won? The womens team lost to Carolina, is that what you mean?
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11 Feb 08
Duke mens beat Carolina......I accidently posted this and i cant delete it so disregard it