Did Iran just launch a satellite?

February 7, 2008 8:35am CST
Are they gonna launch nuclear bombs next? Many knows that they have nuclear weapons. What can you say about this?
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• United States
7 Feb 08
I would not put anything past this rogue country. In a way I feel they should have the same rights as the usa, as to technology for their country, yet on the other hand they are so determined to destroy israel and the western countries that how can they be trusted to have such technology.
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@Markos007 (126)
9 Feb 08
Iran has medium range ballistic missiles that`s for sure.Satellite maybe but nuclear weapons,are you sure?It`s not impossible to launch a satellite because anyone who`s got enough money could launch it to the orbit. "Many knew" that Iraq have massive destruction weapons but when U.S. troops came there and killed few hundred thousand civilian and few soldiers they found only lot of oil but not massive destruction weapons... In fact every nuclear reactor is a nuclear weapon and I think the scientists should make them more secure for environment and not to use their knowledge to make any weapon.
@p1kef1sh (45638)
7 Feb 08
It would be incredibly foolish of Iran, or any other country to launch a nuclear bomb. The repercussions would be huge and I suspect that the US would remove Iran from the face of the World along with half the rest of the Middle East. We live in crazy times, but I think that we are no nearer a nuclear war now than we were 20 years ago.