Hilary and Obama for president

United States
February 7, 2008 10:03am CST
First let me make note I am not a very political peson at all. I just find it completly awsome Hilary Clinton is running for president. She is the first woman to ever run, and i have to give it to her for taking this risk and chance. A lot of you may not know Hilary Clinton supports Early Childhood education and education, she has had over i believe it said 15-20 year in experience with this. Now if she stands to her words and will do what ever she can for education this she will totaly have my vote. But I just want other peoples oppinions on a woman running for president, and what happens if she gets it? Also I think it's Obama is also running for president. Do not take this the wrong way I am not racist. I think it is awsome we finaly have a black male running for President, we as a society are trying to change what we believe to be normal and the way things work. Obama also supports early childhood education and has had i belive his was 30 years of experience. So what do you think about Obama Running for president, and what do you think will happen if he gets it? It is only Feb, and Voting is in November, but i can guarntee i will be voting for Obama or Hilary. We as a country need to change our views and what we believe is normal and not normal.
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