Rise in suicide rates of IT Professionals in recent years....

@subathra (3519)
February 7, 2008 10:13am CST
No one takes pain to find out why IT Professional commits suicide. It is a foolish attitude of this well educated guys .These guys/girls get attractive salary with fine facilities but only problem these people face is that they are not a time scheduled employees. If they go early morning to join their work place they work without break till late night. They use to eat junk food whenever they get a little leisure time during working hours. If they are bachelors, it is a normal life to them. But if married, just imagine the monotonous life they suppose to lead. You need money but money is not everything for human life. In short period the split between wife and husband becomes a normal affair and long working hours bring lot of stresses and other diseases they suffer from. They sometime addict to drinking he/she is surrounded with worries. They spend their night time in bars drinking. If they get a eight or nine hours job like other employees it doesn’t matter even if they get lesser pay and they will lead a happy life as a bachelor and even as a married man who can devote enough time for his wife and kids. Somebody must come over to help these innocent guys and girls.
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