How often do you clean your closet?

February 7, 2008 10:45am CST
I clean my closet as often as I can despite my busy schedule. Every once in a while, I remove the clothes that I no longer use so that I could have enough space for new clothes. I personally clean my closet. I don't want my mom or our helper going through my closet. I don't want them cleaning my closet. I would rather do it myself so I know where to look for the clothes I would like to wear when I need them. How often do you clean your closet? Do you let other people clean your closet?
4 responses
@maddysmommy (16233)
• United States
8 Feb 08
Every few weeks I clean out our closet. My side is always nice and tidy but my hubbys side is the messy side and I get annoyed when there is mess. Noone else cleans our closet out but me.
@buwald (271)
• Netherlands
7 Feb 08
hmm, i dont have a closet, but i hang my clothes on a rack in my room, though... the usual carpeting in my room is a mixture of textbooks, clothes and random things, and i only really clean it all up when my mum tells me to, or when im out of clean clothes XD
@cher913 (25884)
• Canada
7 Feb 08
i am not the neatest with clothes always because i am in such a hurry all the time, but i clean up the stuff i have put down at least every couple of days...i sort out clothes about once every 6 months or so...
• United States
7 Feb 08
i actually dont clean my closet until it gets really messy and even theni dont want to but my mom hahah she get on my case bout it so i have to do it