YAYClick change of T&C

@mr_mlk (364)
February 7, 2008 3:52pm CST
How do people feel about YAYClicks change of T&Cs? To quote the news story: [W]e are seeing lots of people obtaining referrals from advertising YayClick through the paid links in their PTC sites, or buying adverts with PTC sites promoting their referral links. In fact, the largest downlines on YayClick are due to people utilising these methods. After careful examination and discussion amongst our team, we have now decided that this type of activity is no longer allowed and will result in forfeit of account balances and your acquired downline. ... What will happen to your account and balance? We realise that you people have been actively involved in the promotion of YayClick at its early stages, regardless of how you have advertised the site, and you have dramatically helped build the userbase of YayClick. For this we thank you. To compensate for any new members you may have brought to the site, we will be allowing you to cashout your first payment of $10. After this payment, your downlines will be cleared and these users will be put back into the system for others to exchange their balances for. Do you think this is the right way of handling other PTC sites using a downline on YAYClicks as a method of paying their users?
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