HD Format Wars

@nykid29 (712)
United States
February 7, 2008 9:34pm CST
Ok, yes I know you probably seen this topic like everywhere but I dont think people are really getting it. I seen everywhere that people love blu-ray for than HD-DVD. YEas Blu-ray has more space on the disc, but when it comes to quality HD-DVD is best. Who has actually seen a movie in HD-DVD and BluRay on a HDTV? I might not have one, but I've seen plenty of live comparisons. For instance, check out your local Circuit City or Best Buy and go to the TV section. Most stores should have one of the new Samsung 52" TV's on display with the Samsung dual format player (it plays both HD-DVD and Bluray). If they have a movie playing, sit down and give it a watch, takes notes while your at it. Ask which format is playing and see if they could pop in another movie of the opposite format so you can see the difference. On regular settings, both formats are clean and crisp on 60fps, but Bluray has motion blur and makes the movie look like its been edited by a team of monkeys while HD-DVD looks fabulous with no defects. I told one of the guys working at the store to turn on the TV's AutoMotion Plus (it shows 120fps for extreme reality viewing) and I was blown away at how real the movie looked. I watched Transformers and it looked like the machines were actually there and not edited into the movie. Still no motion, sound was perfect and everythign was at its best. Then when it came to Blu-ray, the quality was horrible, the motion blur was worse, and the movie became unwatchable. Oh and thats just one time and on one TV. Every other TV I compared it on was the same thing. So really, why are movie studios moving to Blu-ray and leaving HD-DVD behind?
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