Moving abroad

February 8, 2008 4:12am CST
My husband was in America for 10 yrs and then decided he wanted to move back to Ireland. So we did, just over a year ago.. I'm very close to my parents and have always been, when we moved I was a mere three miles away from them. I'm now in Ireland and just 3km away from his parents, but it's just not the same. I find myself very homesick.. and although I still talk to my parents just about everyday, I find myself sometimes avoiding the phone calls as I'm scared i might breakdown while on the phone with them.. I love it here in Ireland, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to get through the difficult times of being homesick?
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@diansinta (7549)
• Indonesia
21 Mar 08
get busy girl! try to do something that would stop you to think about home.
@julyteen (13254)
• Davao, Philippines
13 Feb 08
being busy everyday can help you to overcome homesickness.
• Canada
8 Feb 08
It is difficult but not impossible, it need time to get settle... by the time you will feel good, just try to be busy ..
@dangaroo (234)
8 Feb 08
To be honest, I've never felt that way.. but I imagine it is best to keep yourself occupied.. not on the internet but in real life. Get to know as many people in the neighbourhood as possible, drink a lot of guiness and you'll be fine! I would definitely stay in contact with your family though.. with something like voipcheap or skype.. you can spend hours talking to them for none or little cost. You can always fly back cheapily to visit them (depending on where you were in America) with flyglobespan as well.
@mamasan34 (6520)
• United States
8 Feb 08
It takes a long time to get over that kind of homesickness. Over time it does become easier. I know because at first when I moved from home it was terribly difficult but over time it has become a bit easier to deal with. Most important is to keep busy during those times. If there is any way that you can visit more often to your home that would be a good idea as well. It helps to have something to look forward to. If you arrange a trip home, then you will always have that to look forward to during your time away.