emotional Blackmail

February 8, 2008 5:24am CST
a never ending swirl of my heart... we are happy... i knew he loves me and i opened up my heart. that was the night i felt loved... it was the morning that entered the office happy... first time... i finally found him the man i love... for those who follow my blog... you know him... and out situation. and that night his wife entered his room while he was asleep in the couch, saying she drink lots of sleeping pills and she was bleeding because she slash her wrist with the knife. He was shock and grab it... she beg him to stay... to try his best to be happy with her... where in fact she knew he was never happy for 17 years and have been there for their kids. they have been sleeping in different rooms... but she still beg him to stay, she still beg him not to talk to me anymore... Upon knowing the news.. i knew his having doubts... that there is a risk that he might not push through the divorse and he might stay because his scared that she might kill her self again... i knew him well... in tears he told me that i deserve better... but i know i will only love him... he wants to be with me... and how he wish he can be an a-hole and just turn his back on her while shes bleeding...i know i love him because his such a gentelman and his a very caring man... he told me to wait... cause now we know the process will be longer than we think... I got pissed knowing how selfish she is... that she is willing to do this, hurt herself despite of knowing the effects on their kids and the effect on him...that she knew he cant leave her because of that... that she is holding him against his will... and taking advantage of his kindness... Its emotional blackmail... right now i told him that im giving him his space... that i understand that its important to him that his going to leave her ok and stable... i dunno if it will ever happen...God knows i want to be with him... that i will try to wait till everything is over and done with him and his wife...that i want to make sure that his really for me...
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@david2005 (798)
• Canada
8 Feb 08
I think that if it is meant to be it will happen if not it wont.
@ohwellie (140)
8 Feb 08
To be honest with you, from what you've said you, at least need space to think about it clearly. But if he can't deffinatly tell you he's leaving her then maybe you should leave him? You're already facing the huge complications of him being in a relationship and having children, without this uncertainty to deal with aswell. It sounds like you and he had an affair, and so even if everything were perfect and the divorce proceedings went through, would you be able to trust him if you know he's cheated in the past? You say he wasn't happy in his previous relationship, maybe he wasn't and maybe he would be happy with you. But I assume he was happy with his wife to begin with, what's to stop the same from happening to you? As to whether his wife is being selfish, i think there's another way of looking at it. If she's harmed herself, then my guess would be that she has some sort of mental illness (depression more than likely) and the stress of a divorce and affair are not going to do her any good. I know this has all sounded very negative, for which I'm sorry, but at the end of the day you have to do what you feel comfortable with.
@spoiled311 (5500)
• Philippines
8 Feb 08
hi mama! wow! that is a heavy story. i dunno really know what to tell you dear, except that may God grant you wisdom what to do in this situation. and i pray also that the God of comfort will give you peace and joy even in this difficult undertaking. take care and love yourself. God bless you! :-)
@kethavat (24)
• United States
8 Feb 08
Hi, this is horrible..i dont know why dont people understand..& why they want to take advantage of gentlemen/women..! we all are here to live our lives ..happily ..we didnt born for some1..who is not worth ..of a single penny..! I pity ..on him..! but i should say to him..he needs to break the ice...& let her stay..r stuggle..on her own, thne only she would know his importance..otherwise..she will carry like this ..& someday she will runaway with some1 thats for sure..!