Why does the government continue to descriminate a plant?

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February 8, 2008 9:12am CST
For years now the government and made marijuana illegal to everybody but why? Most people think that marijuana is illegal because its harmful to you and that it is dangerous why else would they make it illegal right? Well thats what they want you to think the actual story is quite different. The people who voted on the legality of this plant never really understood the truth about marijuana or its effects or uses. They were dependent of information supplied by people who had a specific agenda in mind to deceive law makers so they could further their racist, ignorant, incompetent, and corrupt legislation career advancement and greed also played a factor. Now today we see that marijuana is actually far less harmful than we once thought and that in can in fact help a lot of people who are suffering from different types of illnesses, such as glaucoma, people who are suffering from aids and cannot eat, people who are going through chemo therapy, it can also help depression, and stress, and arthritis. The only side effects are hunger and red eyes. If you smoke yes it can be somewhat harmful to your lungs but you can reduce this by using a vaporizer instead. Then you look at what the government passes through the FDA. The prescription drugs on the market today are far more deadly than smoking a hit of marijuana. Most prescription drugs are worse than almost any illegal drug. Every commercial i see on tv for a prescription drugs (and they are on there all day long) they all have one common thing about them in that most of the commercial is devoted to telling you about the long long list of side effects many of which could lead to death. So maybe next time you should think twice before you take those pain medications and think about picking up a joint instead. Its a lot less harmful.
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8 Feb 08
I can only say one thing since all my comments below Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law and this means in not harming others wills or then they can harm yours right back. No one has the right to control anyones acts wether bad or good unless he is infringing on your will ex. murders, rapist, theifs, etc. So if im smoking a hooter in my own time with out bugging anyone else than i am not doing anything wrong and should be left alone. If I were a Low life that sat on my couch all day i am not bugging you (unless i got a welfare check LOL which is a whole nother story for me) but just let people live
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