save britney spears

February 8, 2008 11:34am CST
the legendary britney spears. Dont know whatyou feel but she is a true legend. Do you think she deserves all this. Why?
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9 Feb 08
Poor Britney, I do worry about her. I don't think she was ever especially talented but having fame so young has destroyed her life. I hope that her parents are able to get her back into hospital under the care of a psychiatrist before it's too late.
@Fusion (3)
9 Feb 08
I Believe Britney does NOT deserve what is going on because she is the greatest person in Pop History in fact EVER and this is all K - Fed's fault as a matter of fact if he never treated her wrong then she wouldn't be in this mess and wouldn't go through so much pain SO I BLAME KEVIN i know that she will rise up and become Successful and better than what she started with my miles
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8 Feb 08
I think that she needs alot of help and maybe one day she might be big again , but not thinking so she already trashed her name