United States
February 9, 2008 2:56pm CST
Hey guys, do you have a sister? Or are you a sister yourself? No matter what, one of you is bound to get on the other's nerves. I have a sister that's four years old, and she will do anything to get on my nerves. (At least I think so!) But at the same time, I think that I get on her nerves too. Do you feel the same way?
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@fossesor (268)
• Philippines
5 Mar 08
I have a 3 younger sister and a baby brother. It really makes to to nerves when my 3 sister go blasting my things out! whew! even my 1year and 9 month old baby bro do the same thing for me.. but sometimes we get along with some stuff
• Malaysia
26 Feb 08
i dont have a sister, only a brother. so i guess that makes me a sister. yeah no matter how much we love each other, there are times when we're bound to get on each other's nerves!
• United States
17 Feb 08
I'm a sister to an older brother that really gets on my nervers. He's seven years older than me and still blames me for his problems in life. I'm 32 and he's 39. He's been in and out of jail since he was 12, but for some reason, it's my fault. He's never directly said he blames me, but that's how he makes me feel. His father killed himself when my bro was only six, and he's been on a pity trip since. My mom has treated us different, she trusts me, all my bro does is lie and steal. How is that my fault? He made his bed, but refuses to take responsibility. He's a father of three girls and one boy, and they want nothing to do with him, because he keeps leaving them, getting in trouble and back to jail he goes. Anyway, I'm sure I get on his nerves, but at least I don't blame him for my problems.
• Nigeria
10 Feb 08
Getting on your little sister nerves is not the best way for her at the age of four. She is still little, she need care,love and proper attention. Is what ever she lean and sow now at this age she will grow up with. Don't create negativity in her mind and life at this tender age.All i have to tell you is to take it easy with her and work on her BRAIN with higher knowledge and understanding i believe that will make her behave well and stop getting on your nerves.
@sminut13 (1786)
• Singapore
10 Feb 08
well, i have 2 sisters under me, and yes, there are times, when i feel like ripping out their hair from their heads. they're not that young now hehe so they don't really try to get on my nerves. it's just when there are things that we disagree on, they tend to get really irritating. and you can bet, they're really different from me.
• Philippines
10 Feb 08
yup.. i do sometimes, when we were still kids.. she's our youngest sibling.. we treat her like a baby.. until now that she's already 12 years old, we still treat her like a real baby.. she pisses me off sometimes but i can manage.. haha! we dont have a rivalry anyway coz she's 7 years younger than me..
@ohwellie (140)
9 Feb 08
I am a sister and I have a sister. She still lives with our parents, but I moved out over a year ago. When we did live together we used to annoy eachother. but know I've moved out we get on much better.
@sumitsonu (598)
• India
9 Feb 08
i don't have a blood sister , but i made one some days back , through this social networking site , and really love her , i care for her so much , she is always on my mind.
• United States
9 Feb 08
I am a sister. I have an older brother. I'm 24 he's 26. We get along now, infact he's my roommate. When we were youger we were always fighting. He had ADD and some other problems and it came with a bad temper, not anymore. If made him mad he would chase me. I think its just depends on age.