Seller Protection

@candy111 (240)
February 9, 2008 5:59pm CST
Do you think that ebay protects buyers more than they do sellers? I'm from the Philippines, and is relatively new and we are experiencing a flood of buyers that pretty much do not know the "concept" of ebay. These are people with zero feedback will keep bidding on items and end up not paying. Or, if they do end up paying, will 2 days later just decide they want to return the item just because they decided they do not want the item. The problem is, they can leave the seller a negative feedback which will affect future sales. How many of you ebayers really go through feedbacks? How many of you trust the feedbacks? Im a power seller with 1000+ feedbacks 00% so far, if a person with 0 feedback suddenly leaves a negative feedback and you happen to read it, would it affect your decision on purchasing an item from me?
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26 Feb 08 is ther alternative to ebay! The seller now has a really hard time trying to sell on ebay, whether you are trying to clear out your garage or running a serious business. Ebay has recently shot itself in the foot. Many sellers are now going over to I don't know if they cover your area yet, though a quick email to their support will confirm this. Their support is VERY helpful, quick and responsive
@lmccom10 (76)
• Australia
25 Feb 08
I'm a seller and a buyer on Ebay, seller mainly, and I think they protect buyers more, it sucks, actually. I've only just got a new account (I say new because I got it last year but Ebay screwed me around for 6 months so I've only started using it fully now) and I've been selling for most of that time, with 100% that I cherish, but I just know that a buyer will leave me horrid feedback because of the competition. It's horrible:(
@jsmith12 (438)
• Canada
10 Feb 08
Ebay cares about ebay. No one more. I've seen both sellers AND byers screwed over diffrent times by them. Frankly with them owning paypal, I don't think they should be in business. They close out new competitors pushing their (corrupted) payment processor on users.
@jrajaaz (70)
• United States
10 Feb 08
I do think Ebay protects the buyers more than the sellers. I recently started selling on ebay, and made my first sale about three weeks ago. I received payment within two hours. I thought, this is great. The next day, I sent the item to the buyer. Four days later, she filed a chargeback against me stating she never received the item. The US Post Office shows that the item was delivered. Ebay has limited my account and told me I should issue a refund. When I asked why, they told me that since I didn't purchase signature confirmation, they had to support the buyer. So basiclly, I am out the item and the money. I can not even get in to my account to leave negative feedback on the buyer. I have her email address, have sent her several emails, and have gotten no response. I usually don't look at feedback ratings when I purchase items, but I may have to now. Any suggestions on this problem would be greatly appreciated.