Ponds attached to temples in India

@subathra (3519)
February 10, 2008 12:00am CST
There are many temples in India. Every temple has a pond which is to be used by the people who come to worship. Outsiders will not come to this pond to take water or bathe. These lovely ponds nowadays are badly neglected. As water supply is freely available the worshippers make use of the taps instead of ponds. But in practice the worshippers are expected to use the ponds to dip in it before getting into temples. The people whoa re in charge of the administration of the temples should take interest to renovate the ponds at least once a year so that the people who visit far and near can make use of it.
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@player143 (879)
• India
21 Feb 08
In India pond attached to the temple is a common thing.PONDS of different size r there in most temples.
@bbsr13 (4198)
• India
19 Feb 08
Hello,subathra!in the past when a temple was constructed there was a pond attached to it for the use of the pilgrims.but these ponds are no more in use these days for which these have become the mosquito breading centers of the cities and towns.i am living in a temple city,Bhubaneswar, which is also the capital of Orissa.the Lord Lingaraj is the presiding deity of the city.there is a big pond nearby but now a days it has become a mosquito breading center of the city.
@rb200406 (1825)
• India
10 Feb 08
Well earlier there were no taps so ponds were a necesseity but now there are many options.So these are neglected.yes the authorities shoild take care of these ponds.So that it increses the beuaty of the temple.