Thank you MYLOT!!! Do You Want to Thank MyLot too?

Zaragoza, Spain
February 10, 2008 8:23am CST
MyLot is the best forum of all times...MyLot gives everyone an opportunity to share their knowledge through having can gain friends, knowledge, and not only that, you can express what you feel, talk about your good or bad experiences, ask help from others, and you can share your thoughts to other people...MyLot is really cool, interesting, fun, and not boring...i think it's time for all of us here on MyLot to thank and give credits to this wonderful forum site, who did help us in all beautiful ways...Thank GOD for having MyLot, the best forum site ever for me... MyLot is really a did help me gain more knowledge and make my life worthwhile...Being part of this great forum site is priceless and can never be bought... Again, i would want to say thank you to MYLOT, and i will always will...Do you want to thank MyLot too right now?
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• Philippines
10 Feb 08
I want to thank MyLot too. This forum is a nice place to share and gain insights about other members through the discussions. It's also good that they give us incentives even though it is minimal. It's also nice to find people here whom I could ask pieces of advice about certain things that sometimes I am too shy to ask from the people around me.
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• Zaragoza, Spain
11 Feb 08
hello there to U...thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts to my discussion...yes, this forum is a nice place, but not only that, for me MyLot's the best forum ever...yes, they give incentives, but i came here on MyLot not to earn but to experience it's one of a kind forum...i am so blessed and thankful to GOD that i became a part of MyLot...yes, i agree with you, we can ask pieces of advice here on MyLot, which is really cool...that's why i want to thank MyLot for being the best...keep on appreciating MyLot...have a blessed day ahead of U...may GOD BLESS U & UR family always!!!
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