true friends are hard to come by..

United States
February 11, 2008 10:49pm CST
********************** why is it when you help someone out.. and then later on you need help.. those "friends" try to find so many excuses as to why they cant help you.. when you bent over backward to make sure they had everything they needed at one point in time..
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• India
12 Feb 08
It is very tough to find a friend to help us in our bad time but it is not impossible.......
• United States
13 Feb 08
yes it is, but always be a good friend and the right people will acknowledge it is what i've learned! :)
• China
12 Feb 08
Hi,sunshineorrain.You`re right."Those" friends are not your real friend.The real friends will help you without your repay,without your known.It`s greet to find a real friend.
• United States
13 Feb 08 just shows me that i need to always be a true friend..and people will hopefully respect that!
25 Feb 08
there are many so called friends like that, for example you do everything and anything for them and they jsut dont want to give anything to you back.. you will really know who is your friend. there are only a few people who are really good friends and others who just use you.. a true friend is someone who will help you out in need of time. who will help you when you are in trouble, and be yourself.. ture friends dont care what you wear and tell you the truth and be honest, tell all your secetes too.