Things to do during Valentines Day or Heart' s Day////

February 12, 2008 2:13am CST
Well, im a single guy., im still looking for the right peron to come with my life. hmm probably during this valentines day i jsut spent time alone with my self or go out party with my friends that are single too. Its a great and nice time with friends but i also prefer to be alone. watching t.v at home or go out malling but when im sad or lonely i like to go shopping , im an impulsive shoppaholic guy. Buy things that are not important but still it made me happy somehow. I love giving flowers to be friends because im also a friendly person, gave chocolates with my parents in order for them to be happy. Ive been in love last year. But it was terrible and traumatic thats why im kinda choosy or be particular in looking for the right person in my life. but somehow im open to all as my friends in which all started as friends. Hmmmm oh no i still have to go to work by 4 am until 1 in the afternoon, i work as a palm technical support specialist in one of the largest contact center here in asia. Still diverting my self from work or with my friends in order to forget what had happend last years valentines day. oppps im getting to be very personal now to expressed all about my lovelife. im hoping u could also share that love moments or life change u have in your life... thank you so much!!! mwahhhh Keith :)
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