I Demand My Rights!

@ParaTed2k (22971)
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
February 12, 2008 11:13am CST
I'm sick. I'm sick of the laziness of Americans who would rather get along than stand up for their rights! We are actually allowing our school administrators to tell our kids what to think. The same school administrators that can't seem to teach the kids HOW to think. The same school administrators who couldn't make a sound decision to save their lives. We have mindless oafs who seriously consider a picture of a gun to be a threat. We have Principals who can't seem to tell the difference between a bully and a kid finally standing up for himself. We actually pay total morons to tell us that the fact that kids pick on other kids is somehow a new crisis that has never happened before. So, I demand my rights. I demand that name of the TB test be changed. Do you know how hard it is for kids with the initials TB? Every year the kids have to go to make sure they don't have the Ted Bingham disease. I demand that color coding be abolished in our society. It is discrimination against colorblind people. Kids get teased when they don't use the "right" word to desribe a color. They get teased and end up crying. I demand that every item in a school be available in both left handed and right handed choices. Do you realize that there are kids that get teased because they can't cut paper straight? Of course they can't cut straight, you are expecting them to use scissors that don't fit their hands! School dances are especially evil. How many kids are made to feel uncomfortable because no one will ask them to dance. How many kids are hearbroken because the one they finally got the nerve to ask laughed and said "no"? The following words should be banned forever because there is no way to say them without being hateful... Mouthbreather, redhead, carrot top, Howdy Doodie, Richie Cunningham, Freckle-face, pizza face, burnout, stoner, freak, space cadet, and emo. If you are in public education, and you don't agree with me 100%, you must hate me and anyone like me. You must be the biggest bigot this side of Jim Crow.
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