Obama's got the big Mo!

@petebaja (516)
February 12, 2008 12:07pm CST
I noticed that during a recent campaign stump by Obama in Virginia, he had a crowd of about 17,000 people. The stadium was full. On the same day in Virginia, Hillary had a rally and had maybe 500 in a hotel salon. I also read that he raised over $30 million in one month, while Hillary had to loan her campaign $5 million from her own checkbook. Does it look like Obama is getting the big momentum?
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@soccermom (3199)
• United States
12 Feb 08
He is getting the big momentum! I live close to Madison, WI and you would be amazed at the people that want to go see him tonite. CNN explained the difference in crowds this way... Obama's supporters are students and people with an income over 50K a year, they can afford the time off to go. Hillary's supporters generally make under 50K and can't afford the time off. I don't know how much I believe that's the reason, but it's their take on it. I hope he wins the nomination for more reasons than I can even get into here.
• United States
13 Feb 08
I really like him too and would like to see him get the nomination. My biggest concern for him is that the Republican party will go after him tooth and nail and try to dig up every bit of dirt they possibly can, weakening his campaign. With Clinton, there is probably no more dirt or hidden secrets they possibly throw out to the the American public, because all her dirty laundry has been aired in public. I don't think they can really break her down at all with attacks on her character but I'm concerned they can do that somehow with Obama, which might lead to McCain becoming president.
@Pose123 (21660)
• Canada
12 Feb 08
HI petebaja, I've been following this carefully and I believe you are right. I'm afraid that Hillary has peaked and Obama now has the momentum going for him. I am wondering about his experience. Is he really ready to become President?
@petebaja (516)
• Mexico
14 Feb 08
He's got the charisma. He's intelligent. Obama's a good orator. He's definitely educated. But, you're right. His experience is very limited. The good thing about being President is you can appoint cabinet secretaries. These people usually do the most important thinking and the chief executive just makes the final decision. The best leaders don't know all the anwers but surround themselves with the brightest and best in their field. Most successful CEOs in the business world delegate. Let's hope that's what happens in this case.