Questions about egold.

@jhl930 (3603)
United States
February 12, 2008 12:14pm CST
I was thinking about opening a egold account and I was just wondering if anyone else had an egold account on here...Is it basically the same thing as paypal...or is it a good bit different...I have not heard that much about egold other than a few people use it easy to send money from your egold account to your bank account? And paypal sometimes charges a fee for accepting money from certain egold like this or do they charge a fee at all? Is it free to sign up for egold...and have you ever heard anyone say anything about egold being a scam or not giving them their money or anything like that...and do you like the egold account if you have one???
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• Australia
15 Feb 08
1) I have a PayPal Account. 2) I do NOT have an egold account. 3) The alternative is to join ALERT PAY. I have an account with them, I believe they are a Canadian outfit. If you join, feel free to mention my name:- Roland Camilleri *** Australia.