I am so tierd of being scamed HELP!

United States
February 12, 2008 1:44pm CST
Im looking for a legitimate way of making money while being at home with my kids.I want to make like 200 a week to suppliment my husbands income. My pockets are empty from investing in these programs and making nothing!!! Any advice on programs that really work would help me out a great deal.
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27 Feb 08
Tsilvestri- been there done that - done many of the other things listed below too. Then I joined SOHOjobs.org. Yes, there is a small investment, but if you are willing to use the forums (resume critique, scam alrets and jobs of the week) you will earn it back quick. I found an opportunity with their assistance in a matter of 2 weeks and am making more than 200 per week. Sometimes it makes you feel better about joining something if you can talk to someone. Please feel free to AIM me - ChicagoPam1973. I will walk you throught he SOHO process.
26 Feb 08
Hi, My name is Tom Fitzgerald, and I have been on a CASH TREK for about 6 months. I had several disastrous experiences but finally I have found a home. The 3 things that impressed me about this opportunity were: 1. NO OUT OF POCKET INVESTMENT 2. Everyone post their Address and Home phone for all to see. 3. They, and now I, supply full support as well as all the tools needed to get going right away. I was with them for less than a month when I got my first payout. And that was without any investment of money on my part. If you're interested, check out: http://cashtrek.info Or you can email me at cahstrek@myopenletter.com
• South Africa
21 Feb 08
Hi Tsilvestri, The golden rule in all of these schemes - and I tell it to everybody.. DO NOT PAY ANYONE for an opportunity to get paid yourself! The scheme should be self sufficient to enable users to join free!! and trust me there are plenty of opportunities that allow exactly that You could do paid surveys - they make a few bucks on the side - check out http://www.makesomemoney365.com which reviews all the Free paid survey sites, and categorises them by region, and how they pay you out Paypal, check, points etc. If you have a website, email me for another FREE money making opportunity at info@freebiefantasia.com Hope you come right
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• United States
15 Feb 08
there is a good directory of LEGIT GPT sites at www.gptinsider.com. hope things turn around for you soon!