Have you ever visited your child's school cafeteria?

United States
February 13, 2008 9:10am CST
What is your perception of how lunch time is handled? My daughter's go to one elementary school and I substitute at their school and the next closest elementary school. Let me tell you, it is night and day comparing the two schools. My daughter's school has an incentive program called Luxurious Lunch, where everyday each class can earn 5 points if they clean up all their trash, are responsible and not too loud while eating, and have a straight and quiet line while leaving the lunchroom. The kids actually take this very serious because they want to win. The winning class from each grade level gets the Luxurious lunch which means table clothes on their table, a special snack, and a pencil served by the princicpal and/or assistant principal. Also, their picture is taken and displayed. Now the school I sub at has nothing like this. It is always loud, trash all over the place, basically the kids don't care. The principal tried to do something with rewarding the well-behaved classes pizza lunches but parents were complaining because their kids were not winning. So he gave up. Then if it gets too out of hand, specific clases go on silent lunch which means you have to bring a book to read with you and there is no talking. Well parents complain about this because of the kids that are being good. I can understand this 100%. Unfortunately, the lunchrooms are not set up to seperate the classes between good and bad. I have seen some teachers take their classes down to the lunchroom and come up with a seating chart for lunch. Nothing seems to be working. Which is really sad. But then I was subbing in my daughter's school the other day and it was a little noisy but nothing like the other school and would you believe the teacher's on lunch duty were telling them to be quiet. I commented that trust me it wasn't loud, and one teacher replied it is for these kids. I had to bite my tongue, since I had my working hat on; and not comment that these kids don't get outside for recess due to a major reconstruction of the school to cut them some slack but didn't.
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@KKKBsmom (1092)
• United States
13 Feb 08
It is sad... how the school lunches are ran... I remember there were some really disrubtic (sp) kids at lunch one day I was volunteering... and me and one of the lunch ladies were talking... and she goes... you know you can't tell these kids to mind their manners... cause... that might be their manners... how they were raised... I just about blew a gasket!!! I don't care if they are raised not to show respect... they will respect me!! lol Have a good day!!! :0)
@anup12 (4178)
• India
13 Feb 08
No my child is too small actually. But I feel when he goes to school I will definitley visit that.