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United States
February 13, 2008 10:37am CST
hello, i just started with facebook last night. however i feel already is just not right there. after i read all their guidelines, i decided to add 2 listings at their marketplace. i craft a good message, a nice picture, under the correct category to be seen only for people with my own interests. well next think i know, facebook send me a warning that such messages were removed from the listings, because they were reported as a violation of their terms. i am very upset!! that is not right, i saw this morning ads still running there, that are XXX in nature also ads that are even under the same category of whatever i listed there last night. so i said to myself: "oh yeah, well i am going to report listings too for whatever reason i PERSONALLY don't find it suitable" and guess what? come one guess? just for testing i reported few listing and indeen the ads were removed INTANTLY! what the ** was that all about? the ads were not under my understanding violating any terms, they solely removed because I SAID SO. huh! probably some competition or "whatever" reported mine just because he/she doesn't want any competition there. so far for me facebook is not friendly! why i want to spend time there, harvest friends, build pages, etc? if all may go down the drain in any minute, because of someone out of the blues don't find me "suitable" for their own personal standards. :( please share with me if you have any experinces with facebook at all. your feedback will be greatly appreciated, specially if includes any suggestions.
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@SweetTrix (1071)
• United States
13 Feb 08
What were you trying to sell? I have no problem selling anything on their marketplace, I have actually got some good deals on there. If you are spamming sites then I can see why they might warn you. I have seen a lot of those offers were you have to enter you email address to win a wii or whatever and I consider that spam since you are not selling anything or offering any services. Please explain more about what you are trying to sell or the services you were writing about. •¤•Good Luck•¤•