How early did you move in with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

@mlhuff12 (798)
United States
February 13, 2008 6:31pm CST
What is the soonest that you have moved in with your boyfriend or girlfriend? If it was really early in the relationship...did it last? or Do you think moving in too soon might have been a bad idea that early on?
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@wolfie34 (26791)
• United Kingdom
17 Feb 08
I have learnt twice in my life that moving in with my partner too early will destroy the relationship, although having said that I am a person who is too independent and like my own place and love living alone! I learnt the hard way. My first partner I only knew them about two months! I had lost my job and was worried how I would keep up the payments on my flat and my partner suggested I move in rent free, so I stupidly gave up my flat! The next partner I moved in on the rebound to escape one relationship only to be come stuck in another! You have to really really know the person before jumping in, it's a massive move and a massive life changing situation. Even then once you move in you don't realize just how much stress it can be and you really find out about your partner when you share the same home.
@cherriemae (3374)
• Philippines
14 Feb 08
here in our country Philippines, it's not that easy moving in with your bf/gf because eventhough where old enough, were still living with our parents house, yes we have our own decisions in life and we have work, but it's not that easy, its a very big decision that we will decide..before we move in just make sure that both of us can live, can face the consequences of being together..for me, i'm not into that kind of idea because before i move in with my bf, i make sure that i know him better, that he loves me more he loves himself and of course, we already had vows of marraige..
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@ellie333 (21018)
14 Feb 08
In my first seriouse relationship it was after about three months, but that was because at the time my partner had returned from Australia and was back living with his parents and I was renting a very costly house, so we pooled together and got a mortgage on a flat. We stayed together about seven years, but I had to adapt very quickly to being a couple rather than being single and in the early months it had teething problems whilst we really go to know each other. We did marry, but are not together now, beautiful life experience as I have now got two wonderful daughters from that relationship. I now also have a son but never lived with his father. In fact other than my husband Ihave only ever lived with one other. I am a very independent (or some may say selfish) person and find it difficult to share my space with anyone other than my children. I enjoy life and have had loving relationships but not any that I would want to share my home with if that makes sense. The other person moved in almost immediately and that lasted about a year and we are still very good friends but the relationship as lovers didn't work out. The time factor is a personal choice thing but I feel that you never really know a person until you do actually live with them. Ellie :D
@mlhuff12 (798)
• United States
14 Feb 08
I do agree that you can't truely know a person until you live with the person. Where you will be around a lot more than living apart. Thanx for your response.
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