Kids in college... do you have any?

United States
February 13, 2008 9:26pm CST
How many of my fellow mylotters out here have kids in college? How did you handle it when they first went off to college? How often did they call home? How often did they come home? Did you get depressed when they left? What was it like for you when your kid went off to college? For me, well, I have one in college right now, Dawson, he's going to be 19 in April. This past fall, he went to a college that is about 4 1/2 hours away from home. It's been interesting to say the least. We were lucky, because one of his good friends from High School Rodeos that graduated last May like he did, is going to the same college. Patrick's mom and I talked before the end of their high school year and talked about living arangements, and decided that because our boys were used to living on a farm, that they most likely would not do wel in the dorms, so her and I found the boys a place to live, in one of the local mobile home parks not far from the college. We looked for a farm house to rent, but we didn't have any luck, but the boys have found one for next year. I have to say, it was interesting renting them this mobile home. The landlady had never rented to college kids before, and she was a little leary, but my son told me last week that she had asked if the boys would be taking the trailer to rent again for next year. She's been really pleased to have them living there. They've also been a great help to her, as she is elderly, and has needed some strong young men to aid her in some stuff, and they've always been right there to help her out. She really appreciates how good they have been. Anyway, both boys are attending the school on rodeo scholarships, (yes there is such a thing) and they have a few more responsibilities than most college kids. They have their rodeo horses there that they have to take care of daily, and they have rodeo practice daily. It's hard for these boys to work a part time job, because honnestly, they have classes from 7:30 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, then rodeo practice from 3-7pm each nite. Add to that homework, they're pretty busy guys. Everyone, including my husband, (my kid's step-dad) thought I would be a basket case with my baby going off to school. But really, I haven't had to hard of a time with it. He calls me all the time, or texts me on the cell. He calls to let me know how rodeo practice went, and how the horses are doing. You see, not just my baby is out there, but my non-human babies are out there too. I've had to let go in a big way. But my son does come home every couple weeks. When he comes home, he usually has to go spend a couple hours at his dad and step-mom's house to keep the peace, even though he's gotten tired of the whole, "Why don't you ever come stay here, and not always at your moms?" And he's like, well, my dog is there, I keep my horses there, and I have a bed and my own bedroom there. (Not to mention, mom has been the one giving him money to get back to school, because when he asks his dad, he gets the whole "child support" lecture, even though the support was reduced because only one kid is still in high school. Anyway, I hear from him all the time. How have you handled a kid going off to college?
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