Valentine's Day

United States
February 13, 2008 10:10pm CST
On the eve of Valentine's day, stop and think of everything you are thankful for. You and your partner are together for so many reasons, and most of the time it was the little things that kept the two of you going for so long. It was the hug after a long day, it was the back rub to say it was all okay,and it was the little way you said hello when you thought she wasnt paying attention. For all of us that are single, Valentine's Day is a day of roses that we hate to see and PDA's that pop around every corner. Everyone tells you your time will come, and you find it hard to believe after being dumped a couple of weeks before V-day. They say that the singles are jealous and envious of what the do not have, and they are right. Final note, as the clocks tick into Feb. 14th, do not let your mouth write checks your heart cannot cash. Its not fair for those of us who were looking forward to having a date for everybody else's favorite holiday.
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