heart's day

February 14, 2008 12:15am CST
every year valentines can be one of the happiest days especially those who are in love or just trying to be in love..hehehe..... have you ever wonder why we celebrate valentines? do we ever understood it? or are we just celebrating it because everyones doing it?
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@a1intnet (249)
• Mauritius
14 Feb 08
Ok - you have me interested. Why do we celebrate Valentines Day? Where does the day of love come from?
• China
18 Feb 08
• Canada
3 Apr 08
Not sure why I am here. went on line looking for info on building a chair. Intrigued - valentines day, one of those days i never really got. YES I THINK I WAS IN LOVE BEFORE - A FEW TIMES - Still whats the deal. I WANT TO FEEL IT EVERY DAY. After all when you give your heart, 1 out of 365 doesn't cut it, for me at least. Just my thought.
@lys123 (37)
• China
18 Feb 08
i think it for every body.
@mimpi1911 (25473)
• India
14 Feb 08
This is a very pertinent post. I think, people kinda flowing with the trend, not really doing it from within. the V day has been commercialised and over hyped to a great extent and it has gotten more about money and less about heart and soul. This pains me. Celebration of love should be for always in the sense that we do little little things that show that we care. I personally feel, celebration may not be in a grand style involving a lot of money and material. We can eat in , have a simple dinner with lots of love and heart. Thanks.