Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Fabregas

February 14, 2008 2:09am CST
Arsenal & ManU are head to head for the EPL title race this season. And two people responsible for their terrific succes are Ronaldo For ManU & Fabregas for Arsenal. Young masters of the beautiful game. now i i'm a die hard fan of No.7 RONALDO!!! but fabregas has really earned my respect this season!!! who's better?? who's more lethal?? who can get the championship for their team???? while ronaldo is a magician with two wands on which he walks, trots, runs, flies, dribbles, strikes and many things which can cause injury if tried at home!!! fabregas has two canons below his hips that can find his team mates or the goal net at equal ease!!! while ronaldo can be a bit selfish or sloppy when not in his elements, fabrgas has thorughout been a true midfield maestro with team work written all over his field play. so once again tell me who's better?? who's going to win the Leauge Championship???
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• Indonesia
14 Feb 08
i'm not the fans of both ronaldo and fabregas. (i'm fans of chelsea..hohoho!^^) ronaldo is a skillful player,,look at him when he run with the ball,energic and nimble. but if i've to choose, i like fabregas than ronaldo. i like his sense of teamwork..
• Vietnam
15 Feb 08
i don't like Chelsea because of the way their play. i think Cesc is better than Ronaldo because Cesc is a center midfield. And center midfield always is important than a winger
3 Oct 08
am a great great fan of arsenal i always suppport for arsenal...manu is the team i dont like in the epl.........did u seen the partnership of henry and fabergas ,,,,,,...its started well buut henry departure is so sad for arsenal fans..........fabergas is a key player for arsenal, he can do what arsenal want this season not only for epl cup also for fa and uefa ............and also carling ............faberges partnership with ade, rvp and eduordo is also working good this seson and our another great player in this season is samir nasri .............we ll win the cups..........arsenal go go go go go go,,,,,..........
@try32ends (207)
• India
18 Feb 08
I think it is unfair to compare these two young geniuses. I think both of them have performed quite outstandingly so far this season and both of them have been the talisman for their respective teams. While Fabregas is more like the engine-room player of Arsenal, knitting moves together, Ronaldo is the flair quotient for Manchester United, reveling with his trickery and outrageous pace and skill. One thing's for sure. Both will get a place in the current world eleven of football. As far as winning trophies are concerned, I think the other 10 players also need to perform. It would be unfair to expect them to perform individually all the time and win trophies for their teams. Both stand with a good chance of bagging the Player of the Season award and in a way it would be harsh not to give the award to both of them!
@devilangelo (4522)
• India
17 Feb 08
well.. Cristiano Ronaldo and Cesc Fabregas are both really wonderful , skilled and amazingly gifted players . Both of them are lethal in thier own way .both of them are opponent team's defence nightmare.. but if i had to choose among these to to who is more better player .. then its got to Cristiano Ronaldo .an amazing talented player .. great controler of the ball , very quick feets , magnificent dribbler .., lethal in the air .. and he posseses a thunderous free kick .. The barclays premier league joint topscorer. he has the abilty to change the game on his own . :) .. n ofcourse.. the premier league will be won by Manchester United this season again .. they gonna successfully defend it ;) :D
@goldwin65 (937)
• Malaysia
16 Feb 08
Manchester United is always the best for me. I salute Ronaldo. No other player at this moment is as good as him in term of dribbling the ball, passing and scoring.
@manu619 (451)
• India
16 Feb 08
mate .... i am a big fan of ronaldo...but i think that wen it comes to good teams ronaldo is lacking something....but fabregas plays better when the opposition becomes tougher so i think fab is better
• Malaysia
15 Feb 08
I guess it is depending. Ronaldo is not so much of a team player. I would prefer Fabregas.
@argo979 (118)
• Italy
14 Feb 08
at the moment C.Ronaldo is better and i say Man.UTD.
@gerald_lian (2189)
• Australia
14 Feb 08
Ronaldo wins my vote hands down! Overall, his skill is much better compared to Fabregas but like you said, Fabregas did pretty well to this season. The goals scored by both players can also be a good measure, with Ronaldo being superior as the top scorer in the league so far. I believe that if both players were to be in top form, Ronaldo would be the better one. Even so, I think Arsenal will win the Championship this season because they have been more consistent lately.